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Show your Art on “Our Artists” webpage | The Mamaroneck Artists Guild

As an Artist or Emerging Artist member of MAG, you can have your Art displayed on the Our Artists page of this website, along with a link to your own website or social media site.

You will need to send an email, containing the information mentioned below, to  

  • type Computer Committee in the Subject field of your email.
  • Your full name as it should appear on the website.
  • Your personal website address.
  • Attach 1 image for each medium you are juried in. If you are juried in Oil & Mixed Media, send 1 image of an Oil and 1 image of a Mixed Media piece. Remember to add Giclées if you are juried in that category.
  • Each image must be a jpg with a maximum file size of 500KB. Images must be of good quality, with no frame or mat visible.
  • Each image must have text as described below. If you are sending several images, make sure the images are in the same order as the text. We need to copy and paste the text directly into the website, so please type it exactly as shown below. We need title, medium, size and price. Title should not be in italics, uppercase or quotes. Medium must be 1 of the following: Acrylics, Oil, Glass, Jewelry, Ceramics, Wood, Digital Art, Photography, Printing, Drawing, Mixed Media, Watermedia, Fiber, Pastel, Sculpture or Giclées (please do not elaborate by typing Oil on Canvas, or Lithograph Print or similar). Size should be height x width”. Here is an example of the layout exactly as we need it:

At Rest
Acrylic, 12×16″, $400

Then send us your email and watch for your art to appear on the website.


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