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70th Anniversary Member Group Show | The Mamaroneck Artists Guild



70th Anniversary Show

1953 – 2023


Members Group Show & Reception


Rye Art Center Gallery

51 Milton Road, Rye, NY 10508

All media accepted

Show Dates: Oct 16 – Nov 9, 2023

Drop off: Friday, October 13, 10 – 4 pm

Hanging: Saturday, October 14, 10 – 4 pm 

Reception: Friday, October 20, 5 – 7 pm

Pick up: Mon, Nov 13 and Tue, Nov 14, 11.30 am – 1.30 pm or 1.30 pm – 4 pm


Submission Guidelines:

General 2D and 3D

-All media accepted.

-Member must be juried in the category in which you are exhibiting.

Membership dues must be paid in full.

-Artists set their own price.

-All work must be for sale.

-Members may exhibit 2 pieces for this show. One will be displayed and if space allows, 2 will be shown. Space is limited.

-Commission, Artists-60%/MAG-40%


-Work must be no larger than 40″ in any direction.

-If your work is larger than 40″ you must call the gallery to reserve a space. If you do not reserve a space we might not be able to exhibit your piece. It will depend on the amount of work that is received within the original guidelines. We are usually limited to 3-4 large pieces. We will make ever effort to hang both pieces.

-Any work that is not clean, dry or framed properly it will not be hung.

-If matted, we prefer clean, white or off-white matts although alternatives may be accepted.

-Oils or acrylics that are not framed must be finished around the edges with no staples showing.

-Works must arrive framed and ready to hang with a wire. Saw tooth or clip hangers will not be accepted.


-Pedestals will be used to display 3D work.

-Work should be able to be moved by 1 person.

-Large or heavy work must be approved by the gallery director.

-Contemporary crafts (jewelry, ceramics, glass, fiber, etc.) can be submitted.

All work must be picked up on the day of pick-up. If work cannot be picked up on this day, call the gallery to make arrangements for pick up the day before or the following week. No work can be left at the gallery more than 1 week. If so, there will be a charge for late pick up.

Steps to submit your work(s) for the show:

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