Membership Dues

Membership Dues & Fees

The MAG fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31. You will receive a dues reminder in the spring, when annual dues are payable. (If you are a new member who joined MAG in the Fall, you will only be charged half the annual dues when you join, then in March you will pay a full year’s dues along with all other members.) Please pay your dues in a timely manner so that we do not have to spend time and money in reminding you.

1st Year Dues for Artist Member:   $250.00

Regular Dues for Artist Member:   $285.00

Emerging Artist Member Dues : $50.00
(juried Artist members aged 25 or under)                                 

Distant Artist Member Dues: $142.50
(living more than 50 miles from MAG)                    

Hanging Fee: $15.00
(payable when dropping off art for an exhibition)

We also offer a number of non-artist MAG memberships as shown below. Financial rewards are paid to Artist members for any new member (artist or non-artist) they introduce, who joins MAG. The non-Artist membership fee is shown below, with the reward you can earn shown in brackets. There are no limits on how many new members you can introduce or on how many rewards you can receive..

New Artist Member: $50 reward if artist is successfully juried in.

New Distant Artist member: $25 reward if artist is successfully juried in.

New Emerging Artist Member: $10 reward if artist is successfully juried in.

New Family Member: $5 reward

New Senior Member: $5 reward

New Student Member: $5 reward

New Corporate member: $50 reward

New Friend of the Gallery member: $25 reward

We are looking for more corporate sponsors who may wish to sponsor a specific exhibition or event. Please contact the Gallery Director if you have contacts with corporations or individuals who can help in this way.

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