Commission on Sales

MAG Commissions on Sales

For artwork sold in the MAG Gallery, or any sale of your work made by MAG Gallery staff, the following commission rates apply. Sales tax is charged by MAG and remitted directly to New York State. MAG’s commission is deducted before payment is made to the artist:

40% Commission. This covers most artwork sales (except bronzes) including wall work, boutique work and other consignment work.

25% Commission on cast bronze sculptures valued at over $500.

15%  Commission on sales of books, calendars and greeting cards on consignment.

For some private sales by an artist, MAG may be due commission at the following rates:

40% Commission is due to MAG if:

  • sale resulted from a customer being referred to the artist by MAG gallery staff,
  • or sale resulted from a customer following up with an artist after seeing the artist’s work in a MAG show, solo show, spotlight show, or Out Of Gallery show.
  • This commission is only due if the purchase is made within 3 months of the end of show date.

20% Commission is due to MAG if an artist is commissioned to create artwork for a customer as a result of contacting MAG. This is typically a portrait of a person or house when the gallery gives the artists’ name to the customer, and the artist has to produce the artwork and finalize the sale. The commission is only due to MAG for the 1st piece of work commissioned by that customer.

We rely on artists to honor these private sale commissions when they are due.

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