Thursday, July 18th, 1-3pm
$10 per person covers paper, drinks and snacks

Registration is essential as we are supplying paper for every artist.

What is a Portrait Party? Artists are divided into groups of 6. Each group sits in a circle. 1 artist in the circle is the model for 10 minutes while the other artists sketch. After 10 minutes, you grab a new piece of paper and start sketching the next person in the circle. At the end, you will have done 5 sketches and will have been a model for 10 minutes. You bring pencils, pens, watercolor etc. MAG supplies the paper, which will be 9×12” cold press watercolor paper capable of being used for all kinds of media. At the end, each group makes a lovely grid of their work. If you want to see some examples, check out Alison Nicholls’ Facebook pageInstagram post or Blog. The idea for the Portrait Party came from NYC Urban Sketchers, who are happy that we try it at MAG too. We have limited spaces available so please contact the Gallery soon if you want to join us. It will be a really fun evening and you’ll be amazed at what you can create in 10 minutes! After you sign up you’ll receive more detailed instructions. Call 914-834-1117 or email: gallery@mamaroneckartistsguild.org
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