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Joel Trieger

Artist's Statement

"Music was my sole creative outlet until 1997 when I stumbled upon the thrill of working with clay. I became hooked on sculpture. Experiments with a wide array of found materials led me through woodcarving,  instrument building, and the designing of musical toys for theory and practice. Soon my fascination turned to human faces, expressive but unflattering portraits and caricatures of the famous, anonymous, and imagined. Last Summer my focus was to animate those faces in claymation video. This year I have delved more deeply into sketching and other 2D works, as well as making whistles and teapots.

The stories behind my pieces are simple and direct. One need not struggle to find deep meanings in them. They are intended to make you smile. They may include a small joke, or an unanswered question, but nothing heavy. All the dark and disturbing stuff gets sublimated (and thereby exorcized) in my music!"


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