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H. David Stein

Personal Statement

My photographs aim to show the world as a visually fascinating and beautiful place. Often the beauty of an object or scene is self evident, but at other times the inherent splendor is only revealed by peering closely into the component parts, or by viewing the object from a different vantage point or in a different light. I would like the observer to see what I saw and feel what I felt.

Most of my photographs are of landscapes from near and far and of nature from near and nearer. Flowers hold a particular fascination for me. Although most of my work concerns natural phenomena I am not averse to taking pictures of interesting man made objects.

The Day For Night Seriesrefers to a cinematographic technique used by movie makers to shoot a scene in day light and make it appear to be night time. All these photographs were actually taken in the bright sunshine.

Biographic Statement

H. David Stein is a former professor of surgery and a longtime resident of Larchmont. As a surgeon he learned the importance of paying attention to detail which he has applied to his intricate photographs. He was always interested in photography and since his retirement from medicine he has focused seriously on photography’s technical and visual aspects. He studied at the International Center for Photography and with several professional photographers in the New York area.

His prize winning photographs have been exhibited widely throughout the Northeast, including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, the Salmagundi Club, the Mamaroneck Artist Guild, and other galleries in NY.  His photographs can also be found in commercial establishments and in numerous private collections.

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