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Gita Sachidanand

Personal Statement

As an Artist, I see beauty in everything around me and this has a Meditative effect on my soul.
I was born and raised in India, which is rich in culture and vibrant colors.I have travelled the world extensively in the past 40 years and have also had the opportunity to live for an extended period of time in the Middle East, England, Italy and Greece. My Ceramic work and Oil paintings are a Blend of all these different cultures and artistic influences from these countries.
I have taken classes and Workshops for the past 15 years since moving to the U.S.and have used my cultural influences to create and decorate my work. I design wheelthrown and handbuilt functional pottery for everyday use. My work has nature related slipwork
and surface decoration. Each of my handmade pottery is one of a kind, inspired by my travels and ethnic background, and will enhance any contemporary or Traditional setting.
My paintings are Oil on canvas, and I paint Portraits of People and Pets, Landscapes and Still life. I also do commissioned work.

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