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Alison Nicholls

Personal Statement

Alison Nicholls is a wildlife artist who lived in the southern African countries of Botswana and Zimbabwe. She now lives in Port Chester, New York, but returns to Africa on a regular basis to sketch in the bush. She is a Signature Member of Artists For Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists, an artist member of the Salmagundi Club and a member of the Explorers Club. In 2007 Alison received a fellowship grant from Artists For Conservation and conducted their 5th Flag Expedition, which involved a 6-week stay at the Painted Dog Conservation project in Zimbabwe, tracking & sketching endangered African Wild Dogs. This inspired the creation of Alison’s Conservation Sketching Expeditions program, in which she visits African conservation projects, creates a field journal and uses her art to raise funds and awareness for the project. Alison is a Board Member of the Mamaroneck Artists' Guild and regularly lectures about Africa, wildlife, conservation and painting in the bush.

“Loose washes of color, minimal detail, a limited color palette and painting compositions showing animals undisturbed by the viewer, are all aspects of my style, used to create a sense of space and tranquility in my work. So, although I am a wildlife artist and want my subjects to be instantly recognizable, my aim is not to paint photographically but to capture my impressions of the lighting, wildlife and vastness of the African bush.”


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