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Elan D. Louis

Personal Statement

Usually at the center of my art is people and the organic world. My art is about what I observe in other people, yet at the same time, much of it is introverted and dreamy.

To me, art is about moments. As an artist, I try to take hold of these moments, filter them through me, and lay their basic essence on paper. In the process, their essence and my essence must merge and, when I commit them to paper, I have placed my stamp upon them. Hence, my art is at the same time about what I see and who I am.


Elan Daniel Louis is a resident of Westchester , New York. He has been working in chalk pastels for more than twenty years. He typically works on a canvas of 14 x 17 inches and his subject matter is people rather than still lives. His art conveys a sense of movement and mood, often portrayed in vivid colors. His work is influenced by Picasso and Chagall, although Elan's style is his own.

Elan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. While he is largely a self-taught artist, he has studied art at Long Island University and Hunter College.

Elan is a member of Mamaroneck Artists' Guild in Larchmont, NY , where he regularly shows his work. He also shows and sells his art at the Jadite Gallery in Manhattan, NY and White Space Gallery in New Haven, CT.

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