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Different Strokes - MAG show April 11 to April 29

Into The Woods - by Helen Schillo

"Into The Woods"
Acrylic by Helen Schillo

City Sidewalk - By Marian Schneider

"City Sidewalk"
By Marion Schneider

Suzanne Montresor's work features intricate drawings and watercolors of botanical shapes and forms with an emphasis on movement and design.  With a unique style,

Lois Palestine produces acrylic paintings of places she especially enjoys such as Martha's Vineyard and locally Manor Park, Mamaroneck, and Port Chester.

Helen Schiliro's oils and acrylics reflect her love of nature and the figure within the landscape.  Some of her paintings are detailed, realistic renderings of images and others are atmospheric and impressionistic in style.   

Marion Schneider's career as a former art director is reflected in her strong sense of color and design.  Her fascination with light and shadow, reflections, and simplified shapes is evident in her paintings.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday Noon to 5 PM
And by appointment

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