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Jill S. Krutick

“The Evolution of
Color and Texture”

Elektra - oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

March 3 to March 28, 2015

Reception, Saturday, March 7 - 3 to 5 pm

The artist will be at the gallery on Sundays during her show from Noon-3pm in March to discuss her work

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday Noon to 5 PM
And by appointment

Autumn Sleeves - oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

"Autumn Sleeves"
Oil on Canvas

Plenty - oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

Oil on Canvas

Bedroom Slippers - oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

"Bedroom Slippers"
Oil on Canvas

Purple Ice Cube -oil on canvas by Jill S. Krutick

"Purple Ice Cube"
Oil on Canvas

Jill S. Krutick is a modern painter who has a lifelong fascination with color and texture.  Currently residing in Scarsdale, New York, her work is inspired by Monet, Van Gogh, Rothko and other abstract expressionists. She uses color and texture to express her intuitive feelings and to create a reality that is ultimately defined by the viewer.  Inspired by the shapes around her and a lifelong appreciation of observing nature, Ms. Krutick typically uses a palette knife to layer, scrape and rework many of her oil paintings until she achieves harmony and balance.  She has been featured in numerous exhibitions; and her works are displayed in corporate and private collections across the country.  She will be exhibiting a cross section of geometric and abstract expressionist styles.

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