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The Mamaroneck Artists Guild,
located in the village of Larchmont, Town of Mamaroneck was founded in 1953, and is the oldest artists' co-operative, maintaining its own not-for-profit gallery, in Westchester County. Today, the Guild comprises over two hundred 2D & 3D member artists, many of whom have achieved national recognition.

Among MAGs’ members are painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, graphic artists, jewelry designers, ceramic and fiber artists. All of our artists are juried into the Guild to achieve membership. 

Artists are available for commission work, e.g. ceramics, jewelry and paintings or photographs of homes, landscapes and portraiture.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday
Noon to 5 PM
And by appointment

Admission to the Gallery is free.




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Sheila M Fane

Solo Exhibition


Tuesday, October 25 to
Saturday, November 19, 2016

Opening Reception will be held on 
Saturday, October 29, 20163:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Closing Reception will be held on 
Saturday November 19 - 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Blue Tree Row by Sheila Fane

"Blue Tree Row"
by Sheila M Fane

Farm Hills and Pond by Sheila Fane

"Farm Hills and Pond"
by Sheila M Fane

By Sheila M Fane

Sheila Fane

 “Color fascinates me and it’s everywhere to be seen – in the flowers, sunsets, trees, the multiple greens of foliage, signs and people’s clothing.  The local light casts a multitude of tints and shades of each color as the day progresses…  When I am near water the light takes on even more luminosity.”

This exhibition is a collection of landscape paintings by Sheila M Fane. Sheila is a resident of Hartsdale, New York and has been working with original printmaking for many years.  Now she makes her own paper to use for her prints.  Her paper art works are unique two-dimensional pieces - “pulp paintings”, using Japanese, Chinese and Korean techniques. The paper creates the imagery through the use of screens, stencils, squeeze bottles, and brushes to create multiple layers.  Sometimes the works include collaged papers and others have inclusions of local plant material and seaweed.  

Landscapes have been a longtime focus of her work, with the Hudson Valley and Martha’s Vineyard being constant sources of inspiration.  Sheila creates handmade prints in a variety of media – etching, engraving, lithography, linocut, and woodcut.  Newer methods include solar plate printing and carborundum  etching. 

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday thru Saturday Noon to 5 PM
And by appointment


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